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Ramadan Wishes: Inspiring Wishes for Ramadan (Ramazan)

Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims, all Muslims around the world send Ramadan Wishes to others to wish them Ramadan.  Ramadan month is the month of enjoyment, joy makes the atmosphere cheerful. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast, pray, recite Quran and do charity. I am sure you would be exited for the most awaited Holy month. You would have already started  your search for the Ramadan Wishes, often called as Ramadan Mubarak, so that you can send your loved ones. In this article, we have provided you best Ramadan Wishes, which you can send to your near and dear ones to share you joy and excitement.

ramadan wishes

Ramadan Wishes

We have a super awesome collection of Ramadan wishes. You can use following Ramadan wishes to greet you friends and family members.

May Allah shower his blessings on you throughout the month, Read Quran for guidance and be caring about your prayers, May the gracious Allah give you more then your heart desires. Ramadan Mubarak.
Allah said, don’t look around, else you will be fascinated,
Don’t look down; else you will be unhappy,
But look upon me all the time and you will be blessed,
Happy Ramadan.
I pray to Allah that happiness knocks your door early and leave behind the gift of love, peace, joy, enjoyment behind, Ramadan Mubarak.

It is the holy month, when the gates of the hell are closed and the gates of the Heaven are opened, It is the Blessed month of Ramadan, May Allah shower his blessings and peace upon you and your family, Happy Ramadan.

ramadan wishes

Allah does not see your outer body or your cloths, what he seen is your heart, so do things that makes Allah happy and receive his abundant blessings. Happy Ramadan.

I pray to Allah that he keeps you happy, makes you smile and lead your way in difficult times and grant you good health and gives you wealth, Happy Ramadan.

Quran gives us guidance to lead our path, key to happy life. Quran was gifted us during the month of Ramadan, May this Ramadan brings happiness and peace to you and your family, Happy Ramadan.

It was the Ramadan month, when Quran was sent to us as a guide to humankind with clear signs of living life and wisdom to decide between right and wrong.  Happy Ramadan.

May this Ramadan be as blazing as ever, May this Ramadan brings happiness and peace. You can even send pictures of Ramadan.

May the holy month Ramadan, month of festival of Lights, brighten your and your dear ones lives, Happy Ramadan Wishes. You can also try new Ramadan kareem greetings.

May the holy month of the revelation of Quran, guide upon you peace and prosperity, Happy Ramadan Wishes

wishes for ramadan

May this Ramadan, brings you job, happiness, delight, peace and prosperity. Happy Ramadan.
May the light we celebrated, during the month of Ramadan, takes us on the path of peace and harmony. Happy Ramadan.

As the crescent moon is sighted and the holy month of Ramadan begins, May Allah showers on you his blessings and peace, on you and your loves ones. Happy Ramadan.

Holy month of Ramadan has started, we fast from down to dusk, and pray throughout the month, and receive blessings from Allah throughout the year, Ramadan Mubarak.

It gives satisfaction and pleasure when we send a Ramadan wishes message to our loved ones. Ramadan month is the month to enjoy the gathering and the month to draw close to Allah. You would be exited to send these Ramadan Wishes to your family, friends. You can also try some messages for Ramadan 2015. You can make the best use of these Ramadan Wishes by sending it to others and spreading the love during the Ramadan Month.

Lebaran 2015: What people do on Lebaran day?

Lebaran 2015 Date and Schedule

Lebaran is a prominent name for Eid Ul Fitr in Indonesia. Indonesians also call it as Idul Fitri. Did you know that Arabic language is the most difficult and complicated language in the world? Therefore, many Muslims prefer to use the term ‘Lebaran’ as a substitute to the Arabic word ‘Eid-Ul-Fitr’. Lebaran 2015 is also going to be a major national holiday in the country like every year. Lebaran is celebrated in order to mark the end of the month of Ramadan and is held on the first day of Shawwal after the sighting of the crescent moon. It lasts for two days in Indonesia, although the government declares bank holiday before and after Lebaran.

lebaran 2014

History of Lebaran

The term ‘Lebaran’ is derived from the Javanese word lebar which means finished.The word is then wrapped up in the Indonesian language with an additional suffix “an”, so it becomes a colloquial jargon for celebration when the fasting month ends. Another belief is that Lebaran is derived from Betawi which means wide and broad. So, the celebration means to broaden and widen one’s heart after the holy month of fasting. Madurese people have a identical word called lober which describes the completion of the 30 days of fasting. Whereas, in the Indonesian dictionary it is defined as a Muslim holiday that falls on the 1st of Shawwal ( the 10th month of the lunar Islamic calendar).

Lebaran is so sacred to the Muslims that no one would want to miss the moment. It is a time to forgive each other’s faults.  Many Muslims, particularly unskilled workers, laborers, and people belonging to lower classes pay a visit to their hometown to celebrate with their families and ask for forgiveness from elders. People often wish each other Ramadan Mubarak or send each other some beautiful messages or quotes.

lebaran 2014 history


In Indonesia, this custom is called as mudik which means homecoming. Muslims do not worry about the overpriced tickets and the jeopardy of traveling during this time. They are so determined to go back to their own people, their village as this festival comes only once in a year. In simpler words, Lebaran is an annual family and social gathering where the ubiquity of their identity is perceivable.

What do people do on Lebaran 2015?

On the Lebaran day, people wake up early in the morning and recite their predawn prayers. After praying, they have breakfast of sweets and then cleanse themselves by taking a bath. You can send someone a Ramadan 2015 greeting. They then dress in their finest clothes and attend prayers held at large venues. Muslim Indonesian men wear a collarless long or short sleeve shirt called baju koko with embroidery and a peci hat. Female outfit is called kebaya kurung which consists of a loose fiiting kebaya blouse, and a long skirt with traditional patterns on it. In addition, they wear a scarf to cover their heads. After the prayer, people greet each other with ‘Selamat Idul Fitri’ which means ‘Happy Eid’.

lebaran 2014

On their way back home, they visit the elders and ask for forgiveness. They visit the graves of the departed ones and clean them and decorate them with flowers. Once decorated, they pray for the departed souls. Indonesian people, especially the Javanese follow the tradition of washing the headstone with scented water and sprinkle jasmine and hyacinth over the graves.

On Lebaran 2015, special meals will be served such as ketupat, sambhal goreng ati, sayur lodeh and lemang, redang and a variety of snacks like cookies, dates and dodol. Zakat is given on this day to the poor and needy and is mandatory. It is a festival that brings joy and harmony among Muslims. Lebaran 2015 is expected to have a large number of people who would travel to jubilation this festival. However, we believe that you do not need to anticipate Lebaran in order to ask for forgiveness, you can repent and say sorry anytime of the year. After all, we are humans.

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Ramadan Greeting Messages: Top Messages for Ramadan 2015

Greeting messages for Ramadan 2015

On this Ramadan, you would want to wish Ramadan Greeting Messages to your friend and family. The holy month of Ramadan is all about sacrifice and spreading the love.You are at the right place as, in this article we have suggested the best Ramadan Greeting Messages which you can use. Ramadan is the Holy month, month for fasting, offering prayers, reciting of Quran, and Charity. During the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and these Ramadan Greeting Messages will surely help you share your happiness and blessings you get during the Ramadan month.

Ramadan Greeting Messages

Previously, we have covered tons of Ramadan greetings and messages for our readers. This is a follow up article which covers more interesting Ramadan greeting messages for all those who is celebrating Ramadan 2015.

ramadan greeting messages

May the blessings of Allah shower on you, may the peace from Allah be on you, wishing you and your family, Ramadan Mubarak.

I am visiting your house this month, with gifts of happiness, love, success and peace. Welcome me and you know i am yours.

Fasting is not about dieting or burning calories, but it is removing of pride and asking forgiveness for our sins.

ramadan greetings 2014

Ramadan 2015 in UK
Ramadan 2015 in France

I wish that Allah gives you strength and patience throughout the month of Ramadan, Ramadan Mubarak.

Ramadan month gives us chance to feel the hunger and feel how a poor person would be feeling when he is hungry, May Allah bless everyone with their needs.

It gives us immense happiness, when we attend the Torawih prayers at night, May Allah give us wisdom and positive attitude to implement Quran in our lives. Happy Ramadan Kareem.

During the month of Ramadan, Muhammad was gifted with the revelation to teach us how we should lead our lives, may this Ramadan gift us happiness, wisdom, discipline and peace.

The night of the power is the most holy night throughout the year, as Muhammad received Revelation from Allah, I pray to Allah that you receive happiness and forgiveness for our sins. Ramadan Mubarak.

Ramadan month gives us opportunity to help poor people and that gives us rich rewards on the Judgment day.

ramadan greetings

Ramadan month is the month to do good things that pleases Allah, and in return Allah pleases us with happiness and rich blessings.

Quran teaches us that we have to remain pure before the throne of Allah and Ramadan prepares our hearts and mind that we may be united with Allah

he key for success and happiness is the the holy book Quran, May we get the blessing and guidance, when we read the complete Quran during the month of Ramadan

May this month of Ramadan be a month of abundance for you, May this month of Ramadan be a month of celebration for you, And may this month, Allah always keeps his guiding hand on you and your family.

Allah is the one Almighty God, He is from the start, the creator and he has no end. He is the greatest sitting on high and showering his love, peace and guidance on us.

I am wishing you good health, strength, happiness and desire to fulfill the wish of Allah in this holy month, May Allah grant you his blessings and wisdom.

These are the few Ramadan Greeting Messages you can send to your loved ones and I am sure you would have liked the Ramadan Greeting Messages. Ramadan month teaches us many things and gives us the chance to draw more closer to Allah. Ramadan Mubarak 2015 is very important celebration for all the Muslims over the globe and these Ramadan Greeting Messages will help you to celebrate your happiness with others.

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Ramadan Images: Best Images of Ramadan 2014

Best Images for Ramadan

Ramadan is the divine month for all the Muslim’s throughout the world. As the Ramadan month is close by you would be extremely delighted to welcome the holy month. You would have started gathering Ramadan Images, which you can use either for yourself or sending others to wish Happy Ramadan. Ramadan month is a month of fasting, praying, reciting of Quran and charity, which in return gives you joy, happiness and peace. Ramadan images can help you to make the Ramadan month more cheerful. In case, if you are not aware of the dates, then you can check Ramadan calendar 2014. You can use the Ramadan images from this article, which will share your feelings and excitement for the month.

Ramadan Images

We have collected some of the best Ramadan images for our Muslim brothers. You can use these Ramadan images as a Facebook cover page or desktop wallpapers. In case, if you are looking for Ramadan wallpapers, then we have a huge collection of Ramadan wallpapers for all.  Even, you can send these images to your relatives as a part of Ramadan Mubarak message. Choice is yours!!!

ramadan images

A beautiful Ramadan Mubarak image which will enlighten your festival spirit and also the festival spirit of the others, You can use this Ramadan image to send to your family or friends to wish them greeting for the Ramadan month.

ramadan wallpapers

Ramadan month is Holy month, Ramadan month teaches us many things like love, self control, happiness in giving others and Allah in return blesses us with peace and Harmony. This is a beautiful image you can use to wish others Happy Ramadan.

ramadan 2014 wallpapers

Ramadan is the month of Charity, Muslims fall under the law of Zakat , but Muslims also do voluntary charity, by giving food to the poor to break their fast also Ramadan month is the month to forget about past and forgive others. This is a graceful image sharing the true meaning of Ramadan.

ramadan hd wallpaper

What a delightful message for every one of us. Truly, during the month of Ramadan, you would find only good things happening, bad things are not allowed during the month and the person doing so gets penalty. You can pass the lovely message of Ramadan to others by sending this Ramadan Image to others.

ramadan images 2014

Ramadan is the month of fasting, Allah does not see the appearance of the person, but he sees the inner heart. Ramadan spreads a divine message, that we should give up false speech and evil deeds if we do not do that and fast, Allah will not accept our fasting. This image gives us the divine message of Ramadan and you can use to send it to others.

anazing ramadan quaran image

During Ramadan month it is important to recite Quran for more times then they do in regular life. It would have been many years, since you are following Ramadan and by now you might have read Quran for multiple times. Every night there are special prayers are held at Mosque which helps to read the complete Quran in1 month. This beautiful image can be sent to others, motivating to read Quran as others around the globe are doing. Ramadan is immediately followed by Idul Fitri 2014 and then Eid Al Adha 2014. You can find plenty of information about them on our website.

ramadan kareem image

Ramadan Kareem is Arabic word and the meaning of Ramadan Kareem is Generous or Noble Ramadan. You can wish others by sending this Ramadan image.

ramadan kareem wishes

Ramadan month is the month of receiving blessings. Wishing generous Ramadan to others by this image, is surely delightful.

best ramadan image

Ramadan month is holy month, as Allah gave revelation to Muhammad during this month. This is a beautiful image reminding us the reason why Ramadan is the holy month and why it is important to read Quran for more times. This is a beautiful Ramadan Image to wish others Generous Ramadan.

Ramadan month is the divine month and we need to cleanse our hearts and present ourselves to Allah, pure and spiritual. By sending the Ramadan images, surely it will increase your joy towards the celebration of the holy month. Ramadan images will surely add bliss to others along with you. Why not send Ramadan images to others and spread the real meaning of Ramadan and wish them Happy Ramadan.

Ramadan Calendar: A Calendar for Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr

Ramadan Calendar 2014

Ramadan is approaching super fast. It is one of the most important festival in the life of a Muslim. Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic Calendar. Ramadan is the most important and holy month for all the Muslims. Ramadan means scorching of heat or dryness, less food and water. It is difficult to prepare a exact Ramadan Calendar, as the Islamic calendar follows Lunar Calendar. Every year, the Ramadan dates differ a lot. In fact, this is the reason why we have provided the date of Ramadan in different countries. This why it is useful to have a Ramadan calendar of a particular year handy.

History of Ramadan

It was Prophet Muhammad who received revelation from the angel Gabriel, during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Te revelation, Quran had the guidance for the entire mankind and key for happiness and instructions to live life. Muhammad clearly stated that he was not God but he is the just the messenger from Allah. Ramadan month is considered as the Holy month of the Islamic Calendar.

ramadan calendar

Ramadan Calendar

Islamic/ Ramadan Calendar follows Lunar Calendar, thus as mentioned earlier it is difficult to prepare exact Ramadan Calendar. The Lunar Calendar depends on the sighting of the Moon. The start of the Ramadan month, can be known from the sighting of the crescent new moon. Yes, it is possible to get the estimated start and end dates of the Ramadan Calendar month, however the actual date, might have a difference of 2/3 days. Lunar calendar is 10/11 days shorter then Georgian calendar and thus Ramadan month covers all the seasons in a period of roughly 35 years. This year the estimated start of the Ramadan Calendar month is 28th June 2014 and ends on 27th July 2014, however, the dates may vary on the actual sighting of the crescent moon. Every year Ramadan month begins 11 days prior from the previous year. In case, if you wish to check Ramadan calendar and dates, then you can go through below links.

Ramadan 2014 date in UK
Ramadan 2014 date in  UAE
Ramadan 2014 date in France

Things to do during Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, every adult Muslim has to fast from sunrise to the sunset, that means during the fasting hrs they cannot drink, eat, smoke, enjoy sex and use abusive language. Pregnant women’s, breastfeeding women’s, travelers, diabetic and females in menses are exempted from fast. Learn what is Ramadan. Before they start the fasting they have their meal before sunrise which is known as Suhoor and the 2nd meal they have after sunset is know as Iftar.

ramadan 2014 calendar

On the first day of Ramadan the first prayer, is the prayer letting Allah know that you are fasting, During the Ramadan month the offering of prayer increases and also they have to recite Quran more times then they do regularly. During the month there are special prayers Tarawih, which are held at Mosque, it covers 1 section of Quran everyday, in this way complete Quran can be read in the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month of Charity, Muslims also do voluntary charity which is known as Sadaqh, it is believed that if you give food to poor people to break their fast during the Ramadan month, then you get high rewards on the Judgment day.

ramadan 2014

End of Ramadan Calendar Month

The new month starting after the Ramadan month is Shawwal month. End of the Ramadan month and start of Shawwal month is decided on the sighting of the new moon, if the new moon is not visible then the Shawwal month starts after the 30 days of the fasting. The first month of the Shawwal month starts with the Eid ul Fitr festival which means breaking of fast. People send each other Ramadan greetings and Ramadan Mubarak messages. Again let me remind that Ramadan Calendar Month starts on 28th June 2014 and ends on 27th July 2014 and Eid al Fitr festival is on 28th July 2014.

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Eid Ul Fitr 2014- How Muslims are Celebrating This Years Eid?

When is Eid ul fitr 2014?

The term Eid is derived from an Arabic word which means ‘festivity ' and Fitr means ‘to break the fast’. Eid ul Fitr is an imperative Muslim holiday that celebrates the end of Ramadan. It is a day when a Muslims thank Allah for giving them the strength to observe fast and follow his ways during the holy month of Ramadan. Eid ul Fitr 2014 will commences with the sighting of the new moon and is celebrated on the first of Shawwal (10th month of the lunar Islamic calendar). This year Eid ul Fitr 2014 is believed to be on Monday, July 28, 2014. It is not viable to forecast the exact date of Eid ul Fitr as the month of Ramadan ends only after a confirmed sighting of the new moon. However, if the new moon is not sighted due to weather conditions, the festival is celebrated after observing a 30 day fast. Consequently, Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated on different dates in few places like the east and west coasts of USA and Canada. It is a feast that lasts up to three days in countries like UAE and Jordan.

eid al fitr 2014 mubarak

According to Islam, Angel Gabriel had passed over the sacred knowledge to Prophet Mohammed during the holy month. To express his gratitude to the blessings that he had received from Allah, he put an end to the month of fasting by making merry, by eating and drinking. On the morning of Eid ul Fitr, also called as Idul Fitr in some region, Muslims wear their choicest clothes and offer prayers at Masjids or Mosques. People deck their houses and prepare mouth watering delicacies to jubilate this festival. People exchange gifts, Eid cards and good wishes on this day, visit relatives, and also donate charity to the poor and needy.

Dates of Ramadan 2014

Ramdan is observed on different dates in different regions. Hence, the date of eid ul fitr also differs. You can easily predict the date using this

Dates and calendar of Ramadan in UAE
Dates and calendar of Ramadan in France
Dates and calendar of Ramadan in UK

eid ul fitr 2014 meal

Eid Ul Fitr Tradition

People wake up early on the morning of the festival and take a bath called ghusl according to the Islamic tradition. Henna or mehndi is applied on the hands and feet of women and young girls and the most commonly prepared sweet dish is sweet vermicelli noodles with milk and dry fruits.You can check some Ramadan pictures to know how Muslims are celebrating Eid in different countries. Eid-ul-Fitr is also called as Sweet Eid because of the huge amount of sweet dishes consumed on this occasion. It is also called the Salty Eid as beef or mutton is served in many houses, depending on the animal slaughtered.

Eid ul Fitr is an ecstatic occasion, although its elemental purpose is to praise Allah and give thanks to him for all the strength given in order to replete the month of fasting. In the next month, Muslims celebrate Edi al Adha. You can check the dates of Eid Al Adha 2014 as well. It is a time to eliminate past grudges against each other and accept everyone with a pure and kind heart. It is a time to give up all bad habits and start a new life moving forward.

Before the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, markets are filled with intriguing items in the shopping list. Shopkeepers and traders make good business during this festival. On the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, people assemble at large open areas like parks or sports ground to accommodate the large number of people that attend this prayer. After the prayers, they greet each other with a traditional hug and say Eid Mubarak which means blessed Eid.

eid ul fitr 2014

While people prefer to greet each other many will throw a grand feast on Eid ul fitr 2014. Many parts of the world declare a holiday on this special occasion. People enjoy this day by visiting cinema halls, going to parks and beaches. They also wish each other Eid Mubrak or Ramadan Mubarak. People show respect to the departed souls on this day by visiting the cemetery and decorating the graves and praying for their salvation. Eid- ul- Fitr is celebrated with great pomp and joy in different parts of the world.

Eid ul Fitr 2014 is observed as a day of sadness and celebration simultaneously in Tobago and Trinidad. They observe it as a day of sadness because the holy month of Ramadan has ended and celebrate because the fast has been completed and taught them to have self control. The connotation of Eid-ul-Fitr is interpreted as a good time where people reunite in celebration.

How are you planning to celebrate this Eid ul fitr 2014 in your country? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Ramadan in UAE: Ramadan 2014 Celebration in UAE

How Ramadan in Celebrated in UAE?

The countries falling under United Arab Imarets, are Islamic countries, thus Ramadan has great impact on the people of UAE. Whether, it is Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you will find maximum number of Muslim's fasting and you will find a festival scene throughout the month. The holy month of Ramadan 2014 is about to begin in a few weeks. We are sure many of the people are eager to know Ramadan in UAE or how is it celebrated there.

Meaning of Ramadan

Ramadan is the 9th month according to the Islamic Calendar. During the month of Ramadan, Muhammad received the revelation from the the Allah. Thus it is considered as the holy month and the night on which Muhammad received the revelation is said to be the most holy night, which falls during the last 10 days of Ramadan.

ramadan in UAE

Ramadan means scorching heat or dryness. It is mandatory for every adult Muslim to fast during the month of Ramadan, During the month of Ramadan, Muslim's are expected to read more of the Quran and offer more of prayers then they usually do. People send each other greetings and quotes for Ramadan wishes. They also do fasting and prayers.

Ramadan in UAE

Islam being the official religion of UAE, Ramadan month has greater value for the people of UAE. People of UAE follow strick rules with regards to Ramadan. Muslims of UAE are obliged to fast from dawn to dusk. They are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, enjoy sex or use abusive language during the hrs of fasting. Pregnant women's, breastfeeding women's, Diabetic, travelers, and females during menses are exempted from fasting during the month of Ramadan.

ramadan 2014 in UAE

Get the dates of Ramadan in other countries

Ramadan 2014 dates in France

Ramadan 2014 dates in UK

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to read Quran for more times. To help Muslim's read full Quran during the month, there are special prayers held at the mosque, which includes 1 section of Quran daily. These prayers are known as Tarawih.

Muslims come under the law of Zakat. Every Muslim has to offer certain amount of their earning to poor people which is know as Zakat and it is compulsory. During the month of Ramadan, they can also do voluntary charity, which is know as Sadaqh, it is believed that if you give food to poor people to break their fast then you get rich rewards in the Judgement day. To get inspired, we recommend checking Ramadan wallpapers 2014 collection. In evening after the sunset, you will find many Muslim's offering food to the poor people, the streets in the evening will be crowded.

Impact of Ramadan

As the majority of the people in UAE are Muslims, the work scheduled is changed during the month of Ramadan, the working hrs are also decreased from 8 hrs to 6 hrs a day and 36 hrs a week. Ramadan in UAE is followed very strictly by all Muslims

As it is the month of fasting, you would find all restaurants closed during the day time in the cities. But you will witness a grand celebration after the Ramadan is over. Many Muslim countries are very strict about Ramadan and imposes strict low.

Strict Laws during Ramadan

If anyone eats or drinks in public place during the fasting hrs then it is considered as a minor offense and for which they have to do 240 hrs of community service.

If anyone drinks alcohol during the fasting hrs in public place then there are laws for the same as well.

End of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan ends when the new crescent moon is seen or after 30 days if the new crescent moon is not visible due to weather conditions. After this they celebrate Eid Al Adha 2014 as well as Eid al fitr. The new months which starts after the Ramadan is Shawwal. The first day of Shawwal is celebrated as Idul Fitr festival.

Do not forget to wish Ramadan Mubarak 2014 to your elders and relatives. There is a special importance given to the greetings during Ramadan. Ramadan month is the most holy month for Muslims across the world, Ramadan month brings you close to Allah, gives you peace and time to spend quality time with you family. Ramadan in UAE is celebrated with vigor and joy. Muslims in UAE do fasting and follows the messages given in Quran.